ILS Football Cup – Troia 2016

Event associated with the Second ILS Conference

Team 1: FC GWASgow Celtimorgan

(geneticists, omicists and breeders)

Team Captain: Paolo Annicchiarico
Faruk Toklu
Kevin McPhee
Matthew Nelson
Mentag Rachid
Pedro Fevereiro
Reece Tollenaere
Sofia Duque
Nelson Nazzicari

Team 2: FC Plantstresser Prohibited

(all those dealing with abiotic and biotic and any other kind of stresses)

Team Captain: Weidong Chen
Eric von Wettberg
Christophe Le May
Margarida Sampaio
Nuno Almeida
Rama Harinath Reddy Dadu
Stefano Pavan
Susana Leitão
Yasir Mehmood

Team 3: FC Agrobarcelonomy

(agroecologists, agronomists, agroeconomists…)

Team Captain: Laurent Bedoussac
Branko Cupina
Claudio Porqueddu
Mahmoud Pouryousef
Miguel Oliveira
Nicolas Carton
Svetlana Vujić

Team 4: FC Qualitians Healista

(all those dealing with food and feed quality, nutrition and health benefits)

Team Captain: Alfonso Clemente
Davide Martins
Dominic Lemken
Jose C. Jimenez-Lopez
Michael Dickinson
Sara Costa
Tom Warkentin

The winners!

Final match: GWASgow Celtimorgan – Agrobarcelonomy: 3-2

8th International Legume Root Diseases workshop (ILRD8)

We are very pleased to announce that registrations to the 8th International Legume Root Diseases workshop (ILRD8), May 26-27th, 2020, Rennes, France, are now open !

Keynote talks from expert speakers will be supplemented by oral presentations and posters selected from abstract submissions in five sessions:

  • Session 1. Survey, occurrence and epidemiology
  • Session 2. Pathogen biology, population genetics & genomics
  • Session 3. Plant-pathogen-microorganisms interactions
  • Session 4. Genetics, genomics and breeding for resistance
  • Session 5. Integrated disease management

Please, register and submit your abstract for oral presentation on the ILRD8 website by February 21th, 2020. Please note: you must complete your registration in order for your abstract to be accepted.

For more information, please visit the ILRD8 website: or contact

We look forward to meeting with you at the workshop !