Grain Legumes

Grain Legumes was a quarterly publication by the European Association for Grain Legume Research (AEP) and co-published by the Legume Society (LS) and the Institute of Field and Vegetable Crops (IFVCNS)

ISSN 0245-4710

Publishing Director: Diego Rubiales
CSIC, Institute for Sustainable Agriculture Córdoba, Spain

Editor-in-Chief: Diego Rubiales (faba bean; legume biotic stress)

Associate Editor: Fred Stoddard (legume agroecology; legume agronomy)

Assistant Editors
Michael Abberton (Trifolium; legume genomics)
Paolo Annicchiarico (Medicago; ecological legume breeding)
Marina Carbonaro (medicine legumes; legume bioactive compounds)
Branko Šupina (forage and grassland legumes; legume intercropping)
Vuk Đorđeviš (Glycine; legume anti-nutritional factors)
Gérard Duc (legume genetic resources; legumes in food and feed)
Noel Ellis (comparative legume research; legume science strategies)
Aleksandar Mikiš (vetches; legume networking)
Teresa Millan (Cicer; legume molecular breeding)
Fred Muehlbauer (Lens; conventional legume breeding)
Marta Santalla (Phaseolus; legume gene mapping)
Petr Smýkal (legume molecular taxonomy; legume crop history)
Wojciech Święcicki (Lupinuss; legume genetics)
Carlota Vaz Patto (Lathyrus; legume abiotic stress)
Tom Warkentin (Pisum; legume nitrogen flow and nutritional value)

Archived issues