The LEGVALUE network

The objectives of LEGVALUE are:

  • to define platforms for change that can help deliver greater EU self-sufficiency in vegetable protein production
  • to identify opportunities for innovation, adding value to markets and all participants in the value chains and
  • to recognise opportunities to influence change, be they at commercial, research or at policy level.

The ultimate benefits are the fostering of greater, more profitable legume and pulse production in the EU to satisfy a larger more valuable and diverse market to the financial benefit of all in the value chains and to deliver social and environmental benefits to all.

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LegumeHub launched!

We welcome a new player in the field of Legumes: Legume Hub, a major output of the Legumes Translated project.

The purpose of the Legume Hub is to empower all interested in the development of legume crop production and use by providing access to validated knowledge. It is a platform dedicated to sharing knowledge and successful practices across value chains, from plant breeding, on-farm activities, through to processing and consumption.

The Hub is a multi-lingual publishing platform featuring written, spoken and visual media. Self-published articles form its core. Each article is attributed to its author(s) and their organisations. All articles published through the Hub are subject to independent peer-review and each is citable as a scientific or technical publication.

Here you can find the launch briefings.

Legume Science – special issue on Genomics

Guest Editors: Professor Timothy Close (Department of Botany & Plant Sciences, University of California, Riverside, USA) and Dr. Sateesh Kagale (National Research Council Canada, Saskatoon, Canada)

A special issue of the Wiley gold open-access journal Legume Science is planned for 2020. Devoted to Legume Genomics, this issue will be guest-edited by Professor Timothy Close and Dr. Sateesh Kagale. We look forward to receiving your contributions in the broad area of genomics as applied to legumes. As the journal covers all areas of Legume Science, we welcome papers on phylogenetic, ecological, nutritional, agronomic aspects of the subject in addition to the use of genome knowledge to provide biological insights and decisions related to germplasm management. We hope to receive articles in areas such as agroforestry and orphan crops. The scope of this issue will also cover new genomic and gene editing technologies and their application for legume crop improvement.

The issue will include original research articles and reviews. We also welcome papers that present new databases, tools and methods. The instructions for Legume Science authors, including details of article types, can be found at:

Manuscripts should be submitted at:

Please submit your manuscripts, indicating their destination for the Special Issue on Genomics, by the 31st of October 2020. The Guest Editors should be contacted for questions about the suitability of an envisaged manuscript ( ,

ILS Football Cup – Troia 2016

Event associated with the Second ILS Conference

Team 1: FC GWASgow Celtimorgan

(geneticists, omicists and breeders)

Team Captain: Paolo Annicchiarico
Faruk Toklu
Kevin McPhee
Matthew Nelson
Mentag Rachid
Pedro Fevereiro
Reece Tollenaere
Sofia Duque
Nelson Nazzicari

Team 2: FC Plantstresser Prohibited

(all those dealing with abiotic and biotic and any other kind of stresses)

Team Captain: Weidong Chen
Eric von Wettberg
Christophe Le May
Margarida Sampaio
Nuno Almeida
Rama Harinath Reddy Dadu
Stefano Pavan
Susana Leitão
Yasir Mehmood

Team 3: FC Agrobarcelonomy

(agroecologists, agronomists, agroeconomists…)

Team Captain: Laurent Bedoussac
Branko Cupina
Claudio Porqueddu
Mahmoud Pouryousef
Miguel Oliveira
Nicolas Carton
Svetlana Vujić

Team 4: FC Qualitians Healista

(all those dealing with food and feed quality, nutrition and health benefits)

Team Captain: Alfonso Clemente
Davide Martins
Dominic Lemken
Jose C. Jimenez-Lopez
Michael Dickinson
Sara Costa
Tom Warkentin

The winners!

Final match: GWASgow Celtimorgan – Agrobarcelonomy: 3-2